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Why Visit and Book Vietnam Flights?

Vietnam is a fascinating coutnry with a long history and a rich culture. Of course it is remebered in the West often only for the long and tragic war with the Americans in the 1960's. But there is much, much more to Vietnam than just that sad episode. There is a huge Chinese influence in Vietnam having been the ruling power for hundreds of years. And then of course there is the French colonial era which gave its impressive government buildingsand even some lovely hotels.

Yet outside of this there is the fact that Vietnam is home to 54 distinct ethnic groups each with their own langauge and unique culture. Throw into the mix a rapidly developing economy that has led to a really buzzing city life contrasted with the rural areas where little has changed in the way of life for a thousand years and you have the perfect mix for a hugely enjoyable holiday.



Vietnam boasts an age-long and special culture that is closely attached to the history of the formation and development of the nation. Discover Vietnam culture..


Vietnam is a fascinating country, its long tail of coastal provinces washed by the warm waters of the South China Sea. The north, is mountain regions populated by hill tribes.

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